Getting started

Initial configuration

This role installs the ansible APT package for Ansible support. However, the package from official distribution repositories might be outdated or might not even exist (yet). Because of that, if you need to, you can disable ansible package installation using the debops_ansible_packages variable.

An alternative is to build stable Ansible .deb package on a spare build host and provide it via a local APT repository. That way, the role will automatically install the correct Ansible version and will be ready to go.

Another alternative is to disable APT Ansible package and enable installation from PyPI alongside debops package. However, APT method is preferred, since it automatically installs all required APT packages.

The debops.debops role will install the DebOps playbooks and roles from GitHub in the background, using either the batch command from the at package, or if the former is not available, async Ansible task. Keep in mind that downloading all of the repositories might take a while and the code won’t be available for some time after initial Ansible playbook run.

Example inventory

To install DebOps on a remote host, you need to add it to [debops_recursively] Ansible host group:


Example playbook

Here’s an example playbook that installs DebOps support on a host:

- name: Install DebOps recursively
  hosts: 'debops_recursively'
  become: True


    - role: debops.debops
      tags: [ 'role::debops' ]