• Add tag plugin with required pagelist plugin for page tagging support. [drybjed]


Released: 2015-09-03

  • Use a static, configurable filename for nginx configuration. This helps when wiki domain is changed on an existing installation.

    This change will generate a new nginx configuration file. Depending on your server layout you might need to remove at least the symlink to the old DokuWiki configuration file to prevent nginx server from failing to restart properly. [drybjed]

  • Change the dokuwiki system user home directory to be the same as website directory, based on ansible_local.nginx.www local Ansible fact. [drybjed]

  • Add missing {% endif %} to the preload.php.j2 template, required by Jinja engine to correctly generate the file. [drybjed]

  • Update the WikiMedia blacklist URL to use https:// protocl. [drybjed]

  • Add gallery DokuWiki plugin to list of default plugins. [drybjed]


Released: 2015-03-26

  • Initial release [drybjed]