Released: 2016-02-24

  • Move the list of APT packages to defaults. [drybjed]
  • Disable default fcgiwrap service on both systemd and sysvinit systems. [drybjed]
  • Don’t recreate new default systemd units to replace the ones in /lib/systemd/. The role is focused on managing multiple fcgiwrap instances and not the default one. [drybjed]
  • Move user management tasks to tasks/main.yml. [drybjed]
  • Fix deprecation warnings on Ansible 2.1.0. [drybjed]
  • Clean up when conditions. [drybjed]
  • Rename all variables from fcgiwrap_* to fcgiwrap__*. [drybjed]


Released: 2015-09-01

  • Update the execution conditions of included tasks to run tasks managing the default fcgiwrap instance even when list of instances is empty. [drybjed]
  • Fix the Debian issue where init scripts interfere with systemd units. Role will create proper systemd units for default fcgiwrap instance which will mask the init script and will be correctly disabled without any idempotency issues. [drybjed]


Released: 2015-08-30

  • Initial release. [drybjed]