Released: 2015-07-12

  • Change Debian Installer mirror URL to current HTTP redirector. [drybjed]
  • Add support for local Debian netinst installation with optional (enabled by default) non-free firmware added to initrd.gz to help install Debian on systems that require non-free firmware. Installer uses PXE and TFTP. [drybjed]
  • Add a menu option in iPXE Boot Menu to switch to local PXE Boot Menu. [drybjed]


Released: 2015-04-26

  • Add an option to set custom Debian-Installer boot parameters during iPXE boot. [drybjed]
  • Prefer ipxe package from wheezy-backports repository on Debian Wheezy, newer version provides useful features. [drybjed]
  • Update list of distributions after Jessie release as Stable. [drybjed]


Released: 2015-04-19

  • Fix a bug which caused iPXE to exit after a timeout back to the main menu without the timeout which could cause hosts to not boot at all. [drybjed]


Released: 2015-04-18

  • First release [drybjed]