Released: 2016-03-07

  • Add Changelog. [drybjed]

  • Remove hard role dependencies on debops.postfix and debops.nginx. Configuration for debops.postfix and debops.nginx roles is defined in default variables, which can be passed to the roles through the playbook.

    Remove direct configuration of fcgiwrap instance and use debops.fcgiwrap role to configure a mailman instance. [drybjed]

  • Switch from patching the Mailman source code manually to using the patch Ansible module. Patches are no longer copied to remote host and their state is not stored on the server, however it’s easy to apply them again if necessary using a dedicated tag. [drybjed]

  • Perform UTF-8 conversion of Polish language pack only on Debian Wheezy and Ubuntu Precise, newer OS releases should be fine. [drybjed]

  • Restart Mailman on configuration changes. [drybjed]

  • Clean up APT package installation, expose list of packages in default variables. [drybjed]

  • Rewrite the language pack support.

    The role now exposes simple list of languages which is converted by a lookup template to set the debconf questions correctly. List of active languages is taken into account, so both data sources (Ansible default variables and debconf database) shouldn’t fight over which languages are active anymore.

    The language pack conversion script has been rewritten to be idempotent and it’s not installed on the remote host, but executed by the script module if any changes are detected. [drybjed]

  • Drop Ansible local facts related to Mailman. [drybjed]

  • Redesign the configuration of Mailman domains. The default domain is now set in a separate mailman__site_domain variable, and additional virtual domains have their own list. [drybjed]

  • Clean up role tasks and handlers, conver them to YAML syntax. [drybjed]

  • Clean up Mailman configuration file. [drybjed]

  • Rename all variables to put them in a clear namespace. [drybjed]

  • Add configuration for debops.apt_preferences and debops.unattended_upgrades Ansible roles. [drybjed]

  • Update documentation. [drybjed]

  • Add a default variable with custom debops.nginx server options for Mailman server. [drybjed]

  • Reorder the fastcgi parameters in nginx configuration to fix issue with fcgiwrap interpreting the first occurence of the variable instead of the last. [drybjed]