This role installs PHPMyAdmin interface for MySQL database. At the moment it is designed to manage only a database on localhost, and is usually enabled by debops.mysql role itself in a specifically written play. In the future it will be redesigned as a standalone installation when secure access to remote databases is available.


This role requires at least Ansible v1.7.0. To install it, run:

ansible-galaxy install debops.phpmyadmin

Role dependencies

  • debops.secret
  • debops.php5
  • debops.nginx

Role variables

List of default variables available in the inventory:


# Should PHPMyAdmin role manage its own dependencies?
phpmyadmin_dependencies: True

# What subdomain should be used for PHPMyAdmin in nginx configuration
phpmyadmin_domain: [ 'mysql.{{ ansible_domain }}' ]

# Default length of generated passwords
phpmyadmin_password_length: '20'

# Default PHPMyAdmin control password
phpmyadmin_control_password: "{{ lookup('password', secret + '/credentials/' + ansible_fqdn + '/mysql/phpmyadmin/password length=' + phpmyadmin_password_length) }}"

# List of IP addresses or network ranges in CIDR format, allowed to access
# PHPMyAdmin. Leave empty to allow access from all IP addresses/networks
phpmyadmin_allow: []

# Max upload size for nginx and php5
phpmyadmin_upload_size: '64M'

# Maximum number of PHP5 processes for PHPMyAdmin
phpmyadmin_php5_max_children: '20'

Authors and license

debops.phpmyadmin role was written by:

License: GPLv3